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Schools play a vital role in shaping the mindset of children and are quite often almost like a second home to them. Given the current climate of uncertainty & insecurity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the education of millions of students have been disrupted and schools have been forced to take “online” classes to make up for lost classroom hours.
The effects on the mental health of students is quite adverse, and it’s essential that quick and efficient intervention happens, especially via schools & communities.


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Caution: We strongly recommend that people with serious mental health ailments DO NOT use this service. We would suggest you contact your local emergency services/mental health helplines or schedule a personal visit with your therapist/counsellor.

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COVID-19 has been an unprecedented crisis, and has had a profound influence on people all over the world. It has raised tensions and concerns, as it challenges our lives as well as the lives of our loved ones. And all this can have an even more adverse effect on our mental health as we try to grapple with this new reality. 

To alleviate the grievances of people during these troubling times, Yellow Club has been running a series of online group mental health sessions and workshops under the banner of “Outliving Quarantine”, through which we have been able to serve and help about 500 members from the public. 

School children have been the other victims of this atmosphere of uncertainty. With their mental health in mind, we have devised our “[email protected]” – School Outreach Programme, in a bid to reach out to students and provide them mental health support via schools and educational institutions.


The Yellow Club is an online community-based mental health platform committed to raising mental health awareness in India. Our core mission is to make mental healthcare accessible and affordable to all, complemented by our vision for a society which bases itself on empathy and mutual support between individuals.

Since its inception as a subset of the popular Instagram testimonial page ‘@officialhumansofkeralam’, Yellow Club has been working relentlessly to fight the culturally rooted stigma towards mental health in India, and this fight is at the core of our mission for happiness. We began the journey down this difficult road by hosting mental health workshops in major South Indian cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai and Bangalore. Our first ever workshop was held at the Donut Factory, Panampally Nagar in Kochi on the occasion of World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2019). The workshop was led by psychiatrist Dr. Sanju George and 40 enthusiastic participants turned up to participate in the activities and discussions. 

Ever since, we have rapidly boosted our social media presence in a bid to use popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook to spread our message. And to realise our mission, we have also been running online mental health workshops and sessions, as well as facilitating one-on-one therapy sessions through video call, with which we hope to make mental health care easily accessible to anyone. Our newest initiative is the “[email protected]” – an ambitious project which aims to provide quality mental healthcare services to students via schools.

Our Mental Health Experts

Yellow Club is looking for meaningful collaborations with mental health practitioners, NGOs and other such organisations. Reach out to us to join us on our crusade for happiness!