A One Stop Mental Health Solution

Ever felt like you had that weight in your chest, and you felt helpless as to what to do about it? Or how you panic so hard that you can’t get anything done?

Through the Yellow Club App, you can book therapy sessions with our practitioners which will be facilitated within the app via video call, or access resources like Self-Care toolkits or helpline lists.

All in one place! – Yellow Club App

Practitioners from across the country

10+ Indian Languages

Different therapeutic approaches

Scaling price ranges

When it comes to mental health solutions, building trust and a safe space to open up may be limited by many barriers.

To deal with these barriers, Yellow Club believes in diversity in language, locations and cultures and approaches.

We have a wide range of practitioners speaking your language of comfort, and offering solutions through various kind of approaches within therapy practices – like Animal Assisted therapy, Sports therapy, Art therapy and much more.

Finding your perfect fit Practitioner

When it comes to mental health, we’re often confused about what exactly we need help with, and who exactly to seek out for this help.

But worry not, we have an empathetic and knowledgeable team who will get in touch with you, who can guide you with who might be your perfect aid.

But in case you know what you need, then the process is very intuitive within our app. All the information you need about the practitioners are right there for you to make your decision

Once you’ve made your choice, go ahead and book a session in an available slot, for a date and time that’s convenient to you. You can also see if your practitioner is available today, or when they’ll be next avaiable.

Of course, in case of any queries, you can always reach out to us, which too, is made easier via our app.

Once you've booked the session ...

Once you’ve booked a session, you will see a reminder in the App.

Of course, there are a couple more liberties we provide you.
Once you book a session you still have the liberty to request a reschedule (that would require the approval of the practitioner) or cancellation of the session. This can be done via “Manage sessions” or the reminder button.

Once it’s time for the session, you can enter the therapy room, within the app. One session usually takes up an hour. And remember, it’s a space where you can open up and share – therapy works best if you actively partake in communicating your concerns with the practitioner.

Just need resources for Self-Care?

We get it.

Not all of us are comfortable with a professional setting.

Some of us would just need trustable information and resources to take care of ourselves. And that’s where our self-care toolkits might come in handy!

Read about ways to deal with anxiety, eliminate toxicity out of your life, manage stress or cope with grief in an emotionally healthy way.

All these resources are provided freely in the app, via Self-Care toolkits!

Dealing with Emergencies

Sometimes, people need immediate help.
And delaying it might be catastrophic.

With the list of verified emergency helplines, you have the option to reach out to helplines closest to you, so that you get the immediate attention and aid that you deserve.

So in case, you need to know reliable helplines, know that it is provided to you in the emergency helplines section in the app.