An Online Course on “Practicing Teletherapy and Understanding Ethical Protocols”

The global pandemic has triggered an alarming increase in mental health issues, as people all over the world try to come to terms with this new reality. Traditional methods of mental healthcare have proven to be inadequate in the current scenario, and a transition to technology-based solutions is the need of the hour.

With the growing acceptance and recognition for Teletherapy in our country, it’s important for students and mental health practitioners (young and experienced alike) to upskill with the techniques and knowledge required to effectively deliver the service on virtual platforms and ensure that the requisite protocols are met.

To aid this process, Yellow Club presents you with an intensive and interactive course on “PRACTICING TELETHERAPY AND UNDERSTANDING ETHICAL PROTOCOLS”.

Dates: 5/09/2020 – 27/09/2020
Platform: Google Meet
Program fee: INR 4000

Contact: +91 96453 40351 (Sanjna); +61450635252 (Milan)
Or email us at [email protected]

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