Online Workshop on “Planting Seeds of Mental Wellness”

Ms. Fathima Khader is the founder of EvolvEd and is also a member of Early Childhood Association of India (ECA). She has almost 15 years of experience in the education sector, areas of life skill training, personal development, and child behaviour management, and is a parent consultant who holds an international parent coach training mastery certification, ACPI, USA and facilitates and supports its vision of positive transformation in human relationships, is going to join The Yellow Club as a guest speaker in a seminar on October 9th 4-5pm.

A teacher trainer and a parent consultant, Ms. Fathima Khader uses mindfulness with parents teachers and students as a way to unlock hidden mental patterns and to pay attention to ones own spiritual and emotional needs. 

She believes that relationships are connected by soul and interpersonal challenges are connected by both mind and heart. 

The session will be held on 9th October at 4 PM IST and is accessible for free.

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