Vaishali Panwar


Vaishali Panwar is a psychologist with more than 5 years of experience in providing counselling to a diverse population.She was affiliated with Refugee Assistance programme in BOSCO under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, wherein she got the opportunity to work closely with the refugees and asylum seekers from several countries. The concerns varied from children, women, disabled, survivors of sexual gender based violence, people with chronic illness, and elderly.There were Coordinated and facilitated workshops and training programs for the refugee population as well as the staff members.

Having such a diverse experience, she conducted various group sessions on topics such as live skills, coping with stress, substance abuse, burn out, self-care, bullying, discrimination, gender equality, relaxation techniques, etc. To further her interest to interact and engage with individuals, she uses person- centered therapy, supportive counselling, psych-social support, problem management plus, progressive muscle relaxation, and non- judgmental approach to help clients lead a normal- stress free life and provide ways forward for a better living and holistic well-being.

Experience    – 5.5 years in BOSCO- UNHCR,

Qualifications  – Masters of Arts in Psychology (Psycho-social-clinical studies), Post graduate diploma in Human Rights

Language proficiency- English and Hindi

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