Monika Umakantha

The style I adopt is integrative, where I draw upon principles of various therapeutic approaches. I consider and value psychological flexibility as a ‘super skill’ that both therapist and client need to have and something worth striving for. I believe in placing the therapeutic focus on psychological processes instead the symptoms only. My consultative style can be explained as collaborative and process-oriented. I consider feedback from the client as having supreme significance in the process. I strive to be a culturally sensitive therapist- respecting racial, cultural, religious, gender, and sexual identities that interact with one’s beliefs and behavior.


Integrated MSc in Psychology from Central University of Karnataka;

Currently pursuing final year of MPhil in Clinical Psychology in NIMHANS

Areas of interest:

 I had my interests grounded in depression and anxiety disorders, but as of now I am open and          comfortable to explore various ranges of populations and nature of problems

Language proficiency: Kannada, Hindi, English

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