Mental Health: Indian Laws and Community Care

Our society is upheld by the pillars of legislation. Turns out that the law covers even our mental health, making awareness all the more important. All this legal jargon can get hard to decipher, so we’ve brought the knowledgeable Vandita Morarka with us to pull back the curtain on Indian law around Mental Health. She’ll also be conducting activities on Community Care for mental health, which is as important as professional help, as creating a scaffold of support for afflicted individuals is invaluable in recovery. As mental health exists in conjunction with other systems of society, she’ll be expanding on intersectionality and mental health. Join us for a holistic understanding of what mental health care in India looks like, and what we can do to make it a safer space for those around us!

This will be a paid workshop & certificates will be provided to all attendees. The registration fees is Rs. 150/-

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