Dr. Poornima C.

Consultant Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Asst. Prof

Dr. Poornima is comfortable working with clients with severe problems such as suicidality and other major mental health illnesses. She has good knowledge in Psychopharmacology and is interested in responsibly measuring outcomes of new modalities. Apart from her deep interest in child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy, she is an adept public speaker who talks on the awareness of mental health, enhancing life skills in school children and teaching.

Qualifications: MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), Completed Level 1&2 certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Language Proficiency: English, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi

Area of Interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, Geriatric psychiatry, Cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy

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