Writing down your thoughts and feelings somewhere or simply maintaining a personal diary have been time-tested ways to help deal with the complexities of daily life. 

Keeping this in mind, Yellow Club as a part of its Outliving Quarantine programme brings you ‘Autograph’ – a creative writing workshop led by Sangeetha Menon. During this session, Sangeetha talked about her journey as a writer and  lead various exercises to help us utilize writing as a means for expression and creativity.

About the speaker : 

Sangeetha is a certified Management Consultant Analyst along with having experience in other fields. She has been an ardent writer since her time in school and has been featured in an anthology called Unread 2020 by Platform For Artists. She currently runs a blog called ‘The Moody Marshmallow’ on WordPress and a page on Instagram called @marshmallow.musings

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